February 24, 2023

Food Spotlight: Beef Kofte Wrap

Escape to 11th Century Turko-Afghan culture with a rich, fragrant beef kofte wrap. Feel how the fragrant spices and tender meat fall apart in your mouth, bringing the bustle, vibrancy, and splendor of a Middle Eastern marketplace to your tastebuds. Fresh herbs; tender meat; fresh, zesty tahini; and rich, seeded bread – they bring a symphony of texture and taste to invigorate your senses and bring joy into your day with every bite. A beef kofte wrap is the perfect way to start your day at HyTable, but do you know the history and benefit of this tasty treat?

The History of Beef Kofte

The beef kofte is part of a wider, global tradition of making meatballs. There is a variation of a meatball in most places, but this particular iteration can be traced back to the Turko-Afghan incursions into the Middle East.

Coming from the Persian word “Kūfta,” this name means “to beat or grind,” because it is made of ground meat. Over time, this traditional dish has traveled throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean; there are variations of Kofte in many cultures!

Many people experience some confusion about the difference between kebab and kofte, because they are both made with ground beef, lamb, veal, or a mixture of these meats and then served with some kind of bread, salad, and tahini sauce. However, the spice mixes and cooking methods are very different. For example, kebab is cooked on a skewer, while kofte tends to be hand-formed. Likewise, kofte is often cooked on a stovetop in some kind of curry or masala sauce.

So, while there are similarities between these delectable dishes, they are distinct and each has its own unique cultural and historical background.

Today, kofte is found all over the world in its many forms. You will find it in restaurants, street food stalls, and even pre-made in supermarkets. What most people don’t know is that kofte is a dish packed with nutrition that can support your health while it brings you joy!

How Our Beef Kofte Wrap Supports Your Health

We believe in giving our customers the very best food in terms of flavor and nutrients. We have created a beef kofte wrap that brings an explosion of flavor, a range of textures, and the history of the region to the fore, all while providing your body with what it needs to work, play, and live life to the fullest.

The Best Raw Ingredients

To make sure that we create the best possible dish at every turn, we use the highest quality ingredients. Our beef kofte wrap is made with beef rich in healthy fats and proteins, fresh, nutritious vegetables, and soft flatbread filled with healthy seeds. The result is a soft yet crunchy kofte wrap that is a delight for all of the senses.

A Balanced Nutritional Profile

We design our dishes to support overall health while promoting genuine enjoyment with every bite, because we believe that every meal should be filled with joy! There’s no such thing as bad food, and food guilt should never hold us back. Each ingredient has been chosen to create a balanced, nutritious meal that excites the tastebuds, fills the nose with a fragrant aroma, and gives you the energy you need to have a great day!

Fresh Beef

Beef is packed with hard-to-find minerals and vitamins that support the body’s key functions, as well as a healthy dose of protein (the fundamental building block for the whole body). The beef we use for our kofte wrap is high quality, filled with healthy fats, zinc, B-vitamins, iron, and phosphorus (which helps us to metabolize fats and carbohydrates).

Using beef as the base of our kofte wrap makes it a robust wrap that satiates hunger and provides a mineral- and vitamin-rich base, giving your body some of the most basic nutrients it needs to survive.

Spices and Herbs

Herbs and spices are not just packed with flavor – they are also packed with goodness! We use fresh parsley, ground allspice, cardamom, and sumac to create a fragrant kofte packed with magnesium, iron, sodium, and potassium. These hard-to-find minerals are important in supporting our immune system, digestive system, and bodily functions, as well as hair and skin health!

Fresh Vegetables

No kofte wrap would be complete without garlic, onion, fresh tomato slices, and dark greens. The fresh vegetables we include in our beef kofte wrap adds dietary fiber (which is crucial to good digestion), vitamin C, vitamin D, B-vitamins, iron, calcium, and magnesium (among other nutrients) to boost mood, support energy levels, and take care of your body.

Seeded Wrap

Seeds and nuts are some of the most nutritious things that you can eat, and there are many seeded flatbreads out there. We make ours with sesame seeds, because they contain high levels of vitamin A and C, as well as dietary fiber, protein, and selenium. The antioxidant nature of these nutrients makes them great for protecting the body from diseases and infections, promoting stable energy levels, and supporting the production of important substances like collagen within the body.

Zesty Tahini

Tahini is a popular dressing for many Middle Eastern and Arabic dishes because of its fresh and zesty flavor, but did you know that it is also packed with hard-to-get minerals that support health and wellbeing? Made from sesame seeds, it contains plenty of fiber and iron, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium, which support the immune system, skin, hair, and digestive system, as well as the bone and tooth health.

We top this recipe off with a squeeze of fresh lemon to sharpen the flavors and add a refreshing kick! Sink your teeth into the soft wrap and the flavors will tumble one by one onto your tongue, transporting you to a different time and place. This is the taste of culture, tradition, and history, served in the modern heart of Jeddah!

The HyTable Difference

Modern diet culture has fundamentally changed the way that we view food, and it can be unhealthy. Our ancestors didn’t limit their diet because they prioritized thinness over health, and we don’t think anyone should today. A variety of fresh, delicious foods are building blocks for a happy and healthy life. Moderation may be needed, but guilt is not.

If our beef kofte wrap isn’t for you, however, and you want to try something lighter, we have a range of fresh, delicious foods to suit every palate. Just ask our experienced team members to tell you about our menu and they will help you to find the ideal breakfast, lunch, or healthy snack for you!

Remember to eat well, live well, and experience every moment mindfully – it’s how life should be.